AHMAD  | MANAGING DIRECTOR  Production & Development

Production & Development

A researcher in physics and a poet who happens to love dabbling with cameras, computers, and tech gadgets. This (cosmically orchestrated) scientific and artistic fusion is a consequence of his primordial curiosity coupled with his deep appreciation for the cosmos. To connect with the hearts and minds of others, he captures and redirects inspiration through the lenses of artistic and technical mediums. He is passionate about cultivating new ideas, creating projects that empower others, and having fun through every experience. 

He can be reached at:

ZENAH  | CREATIVE DIRECTOR  Design & Architecture

Design & Architecture

Having an artistic instinct and a background in architecture and design, she has developed a wide palette for acquiring inspirational gems. With every artistic composition, graphic design, and architectural gesture, she is consciously trying to capture and express the essence of and truth behind every idea. She treats every piece of creative expression as an opportunity for us to reach higher realms of being and awareness. As always, the goal and intention is to elevate and inspire others through pure craft and creativity.

She can be reached at:


Reflekt Studios acknowledges the inspiration, captures it, and reflekts it back into the void.

Every atom in the universe can trace its ancestry back to the single point of nothingness known as the initial singularity. This profound truth of nature is reflected in the realm of creativity. We see, that every painting, every piece of poetry, every film, every photograph, every song, every piece of art can be traced back to a single source of light known as inspiration.

Inspiration is understood as flow of energy that uses our bodies as vessels through which reality is manifested. Inspiration, is the underrated giver, the transcendental light, the nameless cradle for every artist. Inspiration precedes world-changing ideas, groundbreaking architecture, and thought provoking designs. It is the seed that paints and covers the soil with the color green. It is the single drop containing every ocean. Inspiration is the invitation to journey into the unknown. It is the language understood through feeling and is interpreted by our skills, talents, and endless innate power. Inspiration transcends logic and knowledge and is instead an extension of the ultimate truth that lives deep within us. Inspiration moves humbly like a light beam that moves through space in submission to the laws of physics. Inspiration begins its journey beyond the confines of space and time, travels across dimensions, to knock on the door of every heart, to storm through the aware, to awaken every mind to the beauty that is reflected everywhere in the universe. Every heart beats to its rhythm because every heart speaks the language of inspiration. 

The human soul is the mirror and the crucible where inspiration is interpreted and transformed, and artistry is the acknowledgment of that inspiration, coupled with the ability to capture it in its purest form. Artists are a slice of humanity; who take it upon themselves to become the mirrors that reflekt the essence of the world we see and experience. Reflekt Studios is a collective of creative visionaries who aim to create pure and purposeful in-house and client-related projects. We look forward to sharing our creative visions and working with you on fulfilling yours.