Nostalgia. What is it that we actually experience when feeling nostalgic, and why? This question inspired us to create the set of photographs you see before you.

Let's go deep for a moment. The heart and mind respond with feelings and thoughts to experiences as they happen. It seems that the quality of the experience, may it be its uniqueness or intensity, couples and determines the strength of the link between the thoughts and their respective feelings. Linked together and with the flow of time, they move away from the forms and settle down to become dormant memories awaiting familiar experiences to trigger them back to the surface.

Now nostalgia evokes memories of feelings and thoughts that belong to the pleasant non-traumatic portion of the spectrum of life's experiences. A nostalgic experience is initially melancholic since it is happening in the moment for another moment that once was. However, as one moves through nostalgia, melancholy becomes the background to the overshadowing sense of happiness and sentimentality for that very moment. Interestingly enough, the dormant memories are the essence of an experience since they are non-physical and are not attached to forms. So in a spiritual sense, nostalgia presents us with the essence of experiences without the physical noise. In the same way, if the word NOSTALGIC represented the totality of an experience, then NSTLGK is its essence.

Lastly, nostalgia points towards the flow of time and the dynamic nature of the universe, and the change and evolution that happens through them both. A sign of this fundamental truth is clearly seen when reflekting on how the photographed items have converged to the one single item we all carry and use every day: the modern-day smartphone!

Think about all of that the next time you feel nostalgic and maybe if you're old enough you might just experience it as you look through the NSTLGK photographs below.