Eastern Patterns

The Islamic Golden Age, a period that stretched from the 8th century to the 13th century, took people out of the Dark Ages by paving the way for the Renaissance in Europe. Ask any history buff or scientist well-versed in the history of science, and both will concur. British Physicist Jim Al-KhaIili of the University of Surrey created an entire documentary series through the BBC, in which he unravels the revolutionary contributions made by Muslims in many fields such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, and Architecture. The Islamic Golden Age was an era where the scientific method was born, where evolutionary leaps were made by the human mind, and where the human soul was a flawless medium for creativity and inspiration.

An echo of that era are the intricate and artistic geometric patterns seen on the walls and ceilings of many structures; mosques and palaces that are still standing to this very day. These patterns are a brilliant fusion of mathematics, the language of the universe, with the purest form of expression known as art. The intricacy and inspiration behind the patterns are a true testimony to the richness of the Islamic Golden Age.

These patterns you see before you were all created from virtual scratch and inspired by the patterns that cover the walls of the Islamic architecture of that time. Think of it as a creative bow, a tip of the hat, to the greatness and inspiration that stormed through the artists of that era, and as the beginning of a series of tributes made by Reflekt Studios to the Islamic Golden Age that has forever changed the world.